don’t fall for the one who buys you flowers, fall for the one who wants to grow a garden with you 

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Just your daily reminders:

  • Racists are a problem
  • White people are not
  • Homophobes are a problem
  • Straight people are not
  • Transphobes are a problem
  • Cis people are not
  • Sexists are a problem
  • Men are not

And most importantly,

  • Hating an innocent person solely because of their race, sexuality, or gender makes you a fucking asshole

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when u dont reply to someone and post on social mediaimage


life is so hard when you have twenty tv shows to watch

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I really like the term “thunder thighs” cause then my stretch marks are like lightning yES I am a storm, I am a force to be reckoned with fuCK WITH ME

Anonymous: What kind of attributes are attractive to you in a girl?


I don’t know. I can’t narrow down what attracts me, and I think it’s weird when people do. When I’m attracted to someone, I’m attracted to them as a person, not just the colour of their hair or how long their legs are.

I don’t know lol